After the troubleshooter is done running, check if Windows 11 is now showing up in Windows Update download from here. Follow the instructions and choose the appropriate response, if and when prompted, to complete the process. Click on the dropdown menu and select Restart from the list of options. If you have paused updates, you wouldn’t be receiving any, including the one for Windows 11. Even if you don’t remember doing it, there’s no harm in cross-checking before we proceed further. In the Windows Update tab that opens by default, check if there is a Resume Updates button on the right.

Those apps are 3D viewer, OneNote for Windows 10, Paint 3D, and Skype. You can still find those in the store, though. Microsoft has a full list if you’re concerned. Windows 11 reviews are fairly positive, including our own, so it’s worth giving the newest version of Windows a shot. You only have 10 days to downgrade from Windows 11 to Windows 10 after updating, though. After that, you’ll need to do a clean install to downgrade.

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

If you press the Print Screen Key, Windows will take a screenshot and, by default, save this to your Microsoft OneDrive account. The first method is incredibly simple, and accessible at any time – right from the keyboard. As you can see, creating screenshots on Windows 10 is rather simple, and depending on the method that you use your screenshots will be stored in a different location. Select On this PC and you’ll see all created screenshots.

Used by some of the computers to access the Windows recovery system, but may require a Windows installation CD. Displays a thumbnail image for all workspaces in macOS. Switch the computer on and off repeatedly with the power button. When nothing else works on your Windows 10 computer, you can try to open the UEFI blue screen by repeatedly and quickly turning the computer on and off using the power button. You’ll then be able to initiate a restart in safe mode. After you’ve typed/pasted it into the Command Prompt window, press Enter.

  • If you want to save your screenshot, you will have to open an application like Paint and paste the image there using the Ctrl + V keys.
  • Learn what problems IT can expect during a migration to Windows 11.
  • In → → [Bluetooth & other devices], make sure that the caption below [WH-1000XM4] says ‘Connected voice, music’.

Use the “Windows + I” keyboard shortcut to open the Settings. An outdated driver can lead to Bluetooth not turning on. To fix this problem, update the driver to the latest version. If the Bluetooth service is not running, you can’t turn on Bluetooth in Windows 10.

Windows 11 KB5012592 Update Lets Users Easily Change the Default Browser

What if you want to capture a screenshot of a scrolling window of a webpage, document, or any other content that’s beyond the viewable area? In such cases your only option would be to use a third-party application. Now you will see options to share and save the screenshot. You can locally download, copy to clipboard, save to Google Drive, or save to Awesome Screenshot cloud storage.

When comparing with Icecream Screen Recorder, Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro supports more functions and video formats. Therefore, it’s recommended to use the first method to record screen on Windows 10. After that, select your desired settings by going to the tool’s “Setting” and then choose the video and audio setting, output folder, hotkeys, and the like. Look through the settings to see if you should change anything to make your computer screen recording better for you.