Wikimedia Enterprise is a for-profit solution to this. In April 2005, a Lucene extension was added to MediaWiki’s built-in search and Wikipedia switched from MySQL to Lucene for searching. Lucene was later replaced by CirrusSearch which is based on Elasticsearch.

It’s accessible via a button shortcut on a physical pen, or via the System Tray as a shortcut for it pops up when you begin interacting with your device with a pen. For tablet users, Snap Assist will now intelligently snap apps above and below when using a device in portrait mode, a behavior that was missing in prior versions of Windows. For most people still running Windows 10, there’s no reason to go out of your way to upgrade right now. Microsoft’s older OS will continue to be supported until October 2025, and may even get a 22H2 update of its own. No new features of note are expected, but security updates and bug fixes shouldn’t be overlooked. When I started installing a game from the Xbox app, I could see it appear in my Microsoft Store library and watch its download progress there too.


For instance, the explorer process might not have been launched correctly. Since it is responsible for the overall user interface in Windows, it is recommended to simply restart the process. Various causes may lead to the black screen error.

  • Click the title bar of the window you wish to capture.
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  • Click on the “Save” button to save your keyboard shortcut.

As we all know in the new version of Windows, you can have the options to log in to your device either with Microsoft account or local account. You need to first switch Microsoft account to Local account in order to fix Can’t log in to Windows 10 issue. If the previous methods don’t bear any fruit, try changing the password of your main local account. Many users reported this to be the fix that resolved the problem. Changing the password will force Windows to reinitialize the account, which could be what’s needed to allow you to sign in to your Microsoft account.

Using Print Screen to Take A Screenshot

It’s a secure coprocessor that enables cryptography features. A variety of software, including Windows, needs access to a TPM for security features that rely on cryptography. This includes digital rights management and WIndows’ built-in disk encryption feature, Bitlocker. It’s vital to test whether update any of your business-critical software is supported by Windows 11 before upgrading. You can do that by deploying a test machine to determine whether any of your applications break or experience issues while using the new OS. Microsoft is also talking up Pluton, a security processor introduced in Xbox One in 2013.

things you should do to Windows 11 when you get it

For instance, on the English Wikipedia and some other language editions, only registered users may create a new article. On the English Wikipedia, among others, particularly controversial, sensitive or vandalism-prone pages have been protected to varying degrees. A frequently vandalized article can be “semi-protected” or “extended confirmed protected”, meaning that only “autoconfirmed” or “extended confirmed” editors can modify it. A particularly contentious article may be locked so that only administrators can make changes. A 2021 article in the Columbia Journalism Review identified Wikipedia’s page-protection policies as “erhaps the most important” means at its disposal to “regulate its market of ideas”. Did you think screenshots were only for Android devices?